Do you know how important is property management and building when it comes to a condominium? What are some ways to have a good condominium building and management company that can make a big difference?

In many cases, the need for great condominium property management is overlooked by real estate investors, and even condominium and the homeowner’s associations themselves.  The big question here is: How bad can it get and how can a good condominium build and management company help?

The expense of Poor Condominium Building and Management

Have two parts to manage and build condos. There is the property management of the community on behalf of the association. Then there is property build and management for individual unit owners who acquire condos as an investment, or who do not live in them full time. Both types of build and management can have a massive impact on individual unit performance, and the solvency of the entire community.

Poorly build and managed condominiums bring down both the value of individual units and the entire property. This is seriously bad news for all owners. And it can happen a lot faster than you think.

Having a poor unit condominium build and management can degrade unit value and income potential. In a condominium building neglected maintenance, and bad tenants and owners can absolutely roll over and afflict neighboring units too.

Our goal is to create the best place to live for residents.

We Design – This is the most exciting stage of the project bringing your ideas to life and producing a custom design with unsurpassed quality and attention to detail. Every project is unique and requires a clear vision, solid understanding, knowledge of constructing in occupied spaces, and most importantly, deliver functionality and utility for the residents.

We Present – As we always say, seeing is believing. After the design, it is time to fully experience the project’s vision and for our team to present the concept design to the client/board members. Beautifully rendered images, selected materials, meticulous plans and detailed budgets within the preliminary specifications are presented and discussed in detail. We will continue to stay flexible to new ideas while always keeping an open mind to ensure that all our client’s needs are incorporated in the proposal to create a unique, functional and efficient space.

We Built – The vision is realized and executed by the core team who nurtures the planning of this project. By thinking outside the box, we are able to offer our clients a competitive edge in the Design and Build industry. Once the construction is complete, we perform ongoing project support. We focus on quality assurance and control through continuous site inspections, team involvement and constant site meetings with the client.

The importance of hiring professionals is essential. Tiron Contracting is a very experienced company. Our team has the best equipment, the needed qualities and the loyalty to make spectacular work. Make us a call at  +1 416–744–8883 or send us an email at [email protected]. We are always ready for our clients!